Monday, March 11, 2013

Tasha of Green Gables… could have been.

This is a random post. 

Did I ever tell you guys when we stayed at my mom’s last summer we were looking for jobs in that area and I actually went and looked at three houses with a real estate agent? Yeah, it was a briefly researched idea. No jobs. And now hubby got a new job here so we are anchored for a while!

But this was the farm house I looked at that was built in 1900 and made my heart swoon…


Oh, be still my heart. How Anne of Green Gables is that!!?? I was soooo in love with it. It has double decker covered front porches (the corner closeset in the pic).  And the back right corner… see those walls of windows?  The lower one is the laundry room and door to the yard; the upper one is a nice sized bonus room that would have been my crafting and homeschool room.  SO charming.  Except for the kitchen in all its 50’s metal cabinet charm, and all the bathrooms needed updating.  Other than that, refinish the floors upstairs, and a bunch of paint and elbow grease and it would’ve been so sweet.  Even hubby was thinking about fixing that yard up! But, we both agreed it was located too close to the freeway. On like 20 acres of farm land but too close to the freeway.  So sad. It was so huge and old and could have been made so lovely.

I admit, I do still think about this house, freeway and all!  Maybe someday.

What do you think?  Am I crazy!??

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  1. Be still MY heart, too.. what a sweet home that could be.