Friday, March 29, 2013

how does your garden grow?

This week we had a splendidly sunny day and I was able to get out to the garden to plant the early veggies.


On the way out, I remembered my garden helper pictures from last year, which are among my favorites. 

I ran back in for my camera.

She’s actually becoming quite useful now…



I started pounding all the stakes and she finished them.


We got the garden plotted and planned and a got the first batches of romaine, mixed lettuce, brocolli and green onions planted.

DSC_0038       DSC_0039

And I let Susie go to town planting the cucumbers wherever she wanted in a big plot…




Making holes and sticking the seeds in held her interest for a little bit.

But it’s pretty fun to bury yourself with dirt.

When I took over the seeds for her, she found a huge sliver lodged in her finger.


She was highly offended.


I asked her if she could tough it out until I finished the broccoli and she said she could.  She did.  We went in and got her all fixed up.  And dad came home with the cinderblocks for us to make garden borders.  We’ll be planting Marigolds (hubby’s favorite) inside the cinderblock holes which aid in keeping pests away and happen to be Ty’s favorite annual.It turned out pretty good.  I’ll have to show you an update after we get the Marigolds going and get some more veggies going in the garden. 


A little burst of sunshine was all we needed for a highly productive day of sowing. 

Are you all gardeners?  What have you planted so far?

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  1. I am overjoyed to be in our gardens. We planted some strawberries this year and I'm about to get out into the veggies garden with the rototiller. This year the kids are growing jack-be-little pumpkins. ♥