Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY { fabric jar candle }


I finally made good on this pin from a long time ago…


Except I used fabric scraps instead of magazine clippings. 

I just cut the triangles of three fabrics, and put a layer of mod podge on the jar a little at a time, sticking the fabric to each section before it dried.  Then tied some lace trim around it.  Easy.

I like it.  It looks pretty lit.


Mind blowing stuff I am sharing here today, huh?

Here are some crazy kids to top it off…



Those were taken a couple weeks ago and I just came across them again.

Them people are crazy.  I had to just watch in a state of ‘WOW’ for a while. 

Then I ruined their day and told them to stop that right now.  That’s what good moms do, right?

Well apparently I’m still on ‘summer’ break, or I’m not a good blogger, or I’m on sabbatical.  Which ever one you like best, just assume that’s it.  I do have a couple projects to share but I have to take pictures.  I’ve been homeschooling, so at least take peace in knowing my kids are getting my full attention.  Well, besides working again a little.  And hubby and every other distraction in life.  Anyone else?  Life is so busy in this day and age.

Enough ranting!  I’ll try to be back soon with something else.  Godbless!


  1. this is what goes on at my house while I'm away on vacation and you are house sitting.I have to admit though, thems some awesome pictures!

  2. Your moms comment made me laugh. You should have taken the opportunity to have a raging party! Instead you just have wild and crazy kids. I miss them.