Monday, March 14, 2011

adaptable art


I was working on getting a framed photo collage up in my bedroom and I thought I had finished it, but it just kept bugging me.  Does that ever happen to you, where you say, “I’m so happy that I got that finished… it looks good…” and realize you are cringing while saying it looks good?  My mismatched thrift store frames weren’t doing it for me in this case.  I was discouraged because it took me forever to collect them and I did like them… but not together. 

When I figured that out, I decided to do my own version of the way art is displayed in Emily Anderson’s playroom


The collage centers around Ty and I and our journey together.  These are lifetime favorite pictures; I’ll share the best of the best…

The ice-encased lookout on a hike we did while dating, and a favorite verse – Matthew 7:24-27

DSC_0357  DSC_0359


More art from my friend – I asked her for a pen and ink dandelion which I always meant to do myself and never got around to (I love dandelions in seed but don’t tell my husb – they are evil weeds which he labors endlessly to annihilate in the summer).  Her work of art turned out amazing, as always…



A kiss at our wedding and the lake we camped at on our honeymoon…



A beautiful spot in a wilderness area on another hike on our honeymoon…



So what do you think?  I love the fact that I can swap things out as I get bored of these / or get new pictures.

Making it was a breeze… here is a pic from early on when I was still playing with it…


Nails.  String.  Clothespins.  Pictures.  It really is that easy…


I had my photos reprinted with white edges, because I really love the way they pop that way, and I think it made a big difference. 

PS- sorry the color is so wonky on the different pics… I was playing with settings and I am wayyy too lazy to go back and retake them all on the same setting!  I assure you though, my bedroom is not painted teal.  =)   If it was, I would fire myself.

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  1. I love this idea, Tasha. It's whimsical and not so permanent. I think the permanence of picture frames cause me to abandon the idea altogether. Thanks!