Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo Sessions 1 & 2

Many of you know I want to start doing portrait photography. Last Christmas, just after I got my 'big-girl camera', I gave out gift certificates to my brothers' and all Ty's sisters' families for free photo sessions by me. I also gave one to a BFF, Kristel, because she was expecting a little one and I was really excited to try some creative sleeping infant pics like these by Tracy Raver.

So I've been to Kristel's twice now and only came out with two pictures of little Lucy that I am happy with! Infants are tough! It didn't help that Lucy was not sleeping for either session, even though Kristel and I tried to get the timing just right. As soon as I would touch her she would wake up and there was no going back. Probably wondering why that crazy lady (me) kept trying to pose her in positions unnatural for an infant! Anyway, these are the two Lucy gave me, in color with PW's 'Warmer' action, and also in her 'B&W Beauty' action...

I'm learning a lot already, even though I didn't come out with tons of perfect shots. That's why my sessions are free right now!

While I was snapping away with Lucy, Mark was on his first date. Yes, he's 3 and 1/2. It was with his Godmother, Leah (doesn't that make you sound old, Leah? Haha). She took him to the Reptile Man and the Snohomish Pie Company.

When I met her at the Pie Company to pick Mark up, I took a few shots of him. He hasn't had a photo shoot since he was 2, I think! How does that saying go? 'The shoemaker's children go barefoot' or something? Yeah.

Anyway, his session started out with "Why do I have to stand by this wall, Mom?"...

Then he pulled the "Whaaaaat?" card, like he has no idea how wierd he is and I should not think spazzing out is anything but normal. He gets it from his father. =)

Okay, we're getting closer. His hands wouldn't stop moving and his mouth was following after, so I told him to put his hands in his pockets.

There! Much better! I can work with that.

Now, those of you who know Mark know he's done posing nice and is already getting that crazy look in his eye...

Yeah. I was done at that point. But I took the one good shot and ran PW's Fresh and Colorful action. Here's the SOOC (straight out of camera) next to the Fresh and Colorful version...

Then for fun, I ran the Boost and Colorized actions, and here is that comparison...

I think that one looks vintage and fun! If you know a little about Photoshop, PW's Action Sets are really easy and great. I feel like a cheater when I use them.

I'm doing a wedding for free on Memorial Day weekend, so I look forward to bringing those results to you!

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