Thursday, April 29, 2010

Progress - Big Boy Closet

I finally get to blog about the transformation of this former crafting closet...

Into this unique and tidy big boy closet...

First I painted the back of the closet a color I pulled from the sheets on his bed. Then I purchased a closet rod and the brackets to attach it to the wall, painted it all white, and installed it. Then, I used my two shelves from the craft closet setup and mooched two more off Leah (she didn't need them right now), to create some free shelving.

Then I had fun arranging some art and decorative storage for some of his games, memories and clothing.

Kind of unconventional, but I like it much better than the store-bought white wire shelving that you get at the big-box stores that looks lifeless and cheap. And the giant Ryan Villopoto Motocross of Nations poster looks a little weird in there, but due to the dormers (?) there isn't enough wall space for it anywhere! And Ty and I brought it back for him when we went on a date, and Ryan is his favorite so it has to be in his room!

The main reason I am in love with this closet is for the balance it brings to the room. The room walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Bar Harbor Beige, but the bedding brings in this creamy white, almost black, and the sheets are actually a charcoal gray with a dark denim blue hue to them...

Though it doesn't look like it in the pictures, the closet shelves repeat the creamy white from the bedding, the laundry basket repeats the almost black, and the closet walls repeat the denim-y gray from the sheets...

Again, it doesn't show well in the pictures, you just have to trust me. It echoes the bedding colors all together in one place, across the room, making it all seem as if it were planned that way! I love it when that happens!

I might add some curtains to the closet, kind of like YHL did for their baby girl here. He will probably need it when he becomes a teenager and doesn't keep such a tidy room! But I am still debating.

So what do you think? Does it work for an improvised big boy closet?

And a huge shout out to my dear husband for finishing the wood and coming to the rescue when chop-sawing and brad-nailing proved too difficult for me to plan around naps toddlers and babies! He finished the closet trim, replacing the red stained trim that didn't match the rest of the house!

Thanks Ty for all your hard work! You do a great job, even though you hate finish work!

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  1. I think it looks fabulous! And Ty is even smiling, so it can't be that bad!