Thursday, October 17, 2013

reveal { a little bathroom }

Over the past couple weeks I have painted and refreshed our upstairs bathroom.  We have a pretty small house (1060 s.f.), and the upstairs is just a bedroom and a powder room, and a short ceilinged powder room at that.  The definition of tiny.  The bedroom is Mark’s, so he’s usually the only one using this bathroom.

The walls were previously painted Tapestry by Ralph Lauren which is a medium tone of rust with a touch of rose.  It’s a pretty color, which I used in a wide hallway at the MIL’s place and we still love it there, but it was doo dark and intense for this tiny bathroom.  So I added a couple coats of a light gray, and brought in some boy-friendly, simple accessories to finish off the room with some interesting pops of color.

I apologize for the lighting – you’ll see how tiny it is- it’s very difficult to get good shots in here.  I even brought in my flash to brighten it up, but it’s a little harsh.  Regardless, I’m fighting perfectionism, so…  Have a look anyway!

DSC_0319     DSC_0321


DSC_0299     DSC_0312    


DSC_0333     DSC_0337

I am super happy with it.  I might be guilty of turning on the light and peeking in just for a glimpse while on my way to the little guy’s room.  And most importantly, he likes it. 


Although I did have to request the smile.  So apparently he’s not excited about interior design as I am.  =)

As far as sources go, here are a few links:

Paint: BEHR mixed to Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray HC-105, at 80% (I wish I would have gone 50%).

Medicine cabinet: IKEA Hemnes – discontinued.  They have a more modern version now.

Chalkboard: chalkboard vinyl.  Review: The IKEA chalk that I have is very scratchy on the chalkboard vinyl.  Maybe I need better quality chalk.  I would be mad if it were for a surface that I wanted to change often, but am happy with it for this project.  I like the option to peel it off and revert back to the wood later if I wanted to; which I probably won’t – this is my favorite thing in the space!!

Lantern: IKEA, Morkt Lantern

Larger globe: thrifted.  This is my favorite globe in the entire world. The colors are perfect.  Someone painted on it “CHRIST FOR THE WORLD, MISSION FUND” which is very fitting for my little man that wants to be a missionary.  <3

Smaller globe: Target pencil sharpener.

Trash can: Target basic.  It was black, I spray painted it Rust-Oleum Marigold Yellow

Red lantern: garage sale.

Soap: Meyer Lemon Verbena liquid hand soap

Brush and bowl: thrifted.  Don’t worry, the brush was a new item, not used.  =)

Mirror: I don’t know!  There’s a similar one at Target.

Light fixture: Lowes Portfolio Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light ($30!!).  I spray painted the shade Appliance Gloss White


And last but not least, the towel holder.  Which is a very functional and handsome (dare I say so myself) DIY.  Because homeboy does NOT know how to use a towel without dropping it and leaving it wadded up on the counter.  This one actually holds onto the towel really well – no more wadded up towel!!  This was the inspiration.  My version is a bit more rugged.  Like my boy.

It just required some simple tools… 



Wood hunk of your choice

Sisal rope from the hardware store

Eye hooks with holes slightly larger than the rope diameter

Drill with a bit slightly smaller than the threaded portion of the eye hooks

I used the index card as a template for the placement of the eye hooks

Means of hanging the whole thing (I screwed mine straight to the wall; more later)


I simply used my index card stencil to drill two evenly-spaced holes to help the large eye screws go into the wood.

Then I screwed them in.  They can’t be sticking out the back it won’t hang straight to the wall. 

I put the ends of the rope through the eye screws, tying knots to hold it in place and cutting the excess off. 

Then, being the magiver DIYer that I am, I screwed it directly into the wall using 2.5 inch long screws, placed behind where the towel hangs, so they’re hidden.  I screwed one into a stud and used a sheetrock anchor for the other one.

That’s it!

DSC_0342     DSC_0345



That’s all I got today!  Time to do some painting with a friend.  Paint by number.  Pray for me.

More posts coming this week – I am determined.  God Bless!

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